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Cinemas, pubs, petrol stations: What businesses will be open on September 18th this year?



Generally, businesses cannot operate during holidays because they are nonexempt holidays, but the law allows certain services to operate today, September 18th, and tomorrow, September 19th. In that sense, cinemas, pubs, restaurants, pharmacies and gas stations can serve the public.

today September 18th A public holiday will be celebrated throughout Chile to commemorate the first National Government Commission, but due to inviolable holiday restrictions; General commercial operations . That is why many people wonder what is open today.

It is worth remembering that between today and tomorrow, September 19th, the law prohibits shopping centers such as malls and supermarkets from providing services to the public.

What’s open today September 18th?

in particular, mandatory holidays Workers may not perform their duties under any circumstances, even if there is a prior agreement with the employer.

that’s why, September 18th this year businesses will not open their doors, with exceptions specified in . lawmovie theaters and entertainment centers.

From the above, What services are available on holidays?

  • club
  • restaurant
  • Entertainment venues such as movie theaters, live shows, nightclubs and pubs.
  • Commercial facilities at airfields and airports.
  • gambling casino.
  • gas station.
  • A commercial facility for general sales within a gas station.
  • emergency pharmacy.
  • Premises operated by their own owners.
  • As a result, various shopping center chains in the country have reported that their stores will be closed during the period. September 18th .

    Of course, the mall, which has an indoor terrace, shopping center and movie theater, will serve the public both today and tomorrow, September 19th.

    Source: Biobiochile

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