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President Zelenskiy assures that Ukraine has recovered villages near Bakhmut: Russia denies information



In addition to recapturing Kryshtyvka, Ukraine recently announced the capture of Andrivka, both villages near Bakhmut. However, Russia denies losing these towns and assures that its troops are still there.

The announcement was made by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy. on his twitter account Liberation by Ukrainian military Krysivka village less than 10 kilometers south of Bakmut.

“Krysivka. Thank you to the fighters who liberated our land,” Zelenskiy wrote. In his gratitude, the President of Ukraine specifically mentioned the 80th and 95th Air Assault Brigades and the National Police “Fury” Brigade, which were created for the counterattack.

Russia denies information

According to the Ukrainian military, Krysivka’s recovery is In conjunction with the recent seizure of Mr. Andrivka. This region, also south of Bakhmut, would give Ukraine a solid “base” to continue its advance in that part of the Donetsk Oblast Front.

but, Russia denies losing these two bases and assures him that his troops are still there.

Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine hanna marial explained that Ukrainian forces continue to advance in the direction of Melitopol, in the southeastern part of occupied Zaporizhzhya Oblast.

Since last week, Kiev’s military has announced the complete or partial liberation of three towns south of Bakhmut: Andrivka, Kryschyvka and Optyn. Since the counterattack began in early June, Ukraine claims to have recovered about 50 square kilometers Per Bahmut.

Source: Biobiochile

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