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Iran and US exchange prisoners after unlocking Iran’s US$6 billion



The release of the American prisoners came shortly after the United States transferred funds it had blocked in South Korea after purchasing gas from South Korea to Iran.

Five Americans left Iran this Monday. prisoner exchange Between Washington and Tehran, this includes Unfreeze $6 billion Iranian.

Iranian television PTV reported, “The Qatari plane carrying five American citizens has already departed from Tehran.”

The five released prisoners were Siamak Namaji has been imprisoned in the country since 2015 and was sentenced to 10 years in prison for espionage. Emad Shargi was sentenced for the same crime, morad toughbuzz was serving a 10-year sentence for maintaining contact with the U.S. government.

The identities of the other two Americans have not been released. Namaji’s mother and Tahbaz’s wife will also accompany them.

Iran and US exchange prisoners

The liberation of the Americans occurred immediately after the war. $6 billion in deposits The money was stored in six Iranian accounts at Qatari banks that act as intermediaries between Iran and the United States.

funds It was frozen in Korea. the United States approved a waiver for its release after that country purchased gas from Iran.

The United States assured Iran that it would not have “direct” access to these resources and could only use them for “strictly humanitarian” purposes.

Hours before announcing the release of the prisoners, the Iranian president said: Ebrahim Raisi will leave for New York this Monday to attend the United Nations General Assembly, where he will hold a press conference.

Iran has been accused of using dual nationality and foreign prisoners as pressure tools or for prisoner exchanges with other countries. “Hostage diplomacy” Also by other countries and human rights organizations.

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