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After the chaos, at least a hundred defectors escaped from the reception center in Sicily



The government in Rome is discussing measures to deal with the migration crisis

In the reception center for refugees in Porto Empedocles in the south of Sicily, where a large number of refugees were transferred from the island of Lampedusa a few days ago, there is chaos due to overcrowding and at least a hundred refugees left the center arbitrarily.

At least a hundred defectors it is climbed over the reception fence centerwhere more than a thousand people were said to be staying, and left it, whereby it is at least one police officer was injured, reports the Italian press agency Ansa. Center to Porto Empedocles it is otherwise of a transitory nature. Of these, defectors should be transferred to centers in other parts of Italy, but there were delays due to transport problems.

Defectors who are center arbitrarily abandoned, now wanted by the police. Mayor of Porto Empedocles Calogera Martello it is was critical of the conditions in the center and called them intolerable and inhumane.

“They didn’t run away to go to other places, but to find food and drink,” it is told an Italian news portal RaiNews and asked for help from the government. Added it is, that groups of defectors walking around the city instill fear among the local residents. Overcrowded reception center otherwise, only about 20 police officers are supposed to guard it.

Meanwhile, the Italian government is meeting in Rome to discuss the situation on the Mediterranean island Lampedusawhere it is more than eight thousand defectors arrived last week, which it is more than it is inhabitants of the island. Several thousand defectors were then transported to Sicily, including in center to Porto Empedoclesand other parts of Italy.

Lampedusawhere they are due to migration declared a state of emergency, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Italian Prime Minister Giorgio Meloni visited on Sunday. Von der Leyen it is provided Italy with the support of the European Union and presented an action plan to resolve the crisis.

France will not accept refugees

France does not intend to accept the refugees who have arrived in recent days Lampedusa, it is announced French interior minister Gerald Darmanin, who, however it is assured that it is France ready to help Italy control the border.

Darmanin it is in a conversation with radio Europe 1 before today’s visit to Rome, assessed that it is not possible to expect an immediate relocation of refugees across Europe. “It would be a mistake to think so it is refugees arriving in Europe should be immediately distributed throughout Europe and France, which already bears part of the burden,” it is said.

The French interior minister will visit Rome in the afternoon at the request of the French president. With my Italian colleague Matteo Piantedosi is expected to discuss the method of European cooperation due to the influx of defectors to Lampedusa.

Like it is explained the minister, he intends to talk about the protection of the EU’s external borders and the immediate resolution of asylum applications. Convinced it isthat defectors should be immediately returned to their countries if they do not meet the conditions for asylum.

Source: Rtvslo

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