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Pope Francis warns world leaders of ‘ecological catastrophe’



Pope Francis/Europe Press Archives.

Pope Francis/Europe Press Archives.

In a video conference address on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly on Monday, Pope Francis called on the planet to come together to fight climate change “before it’s too late.”

For Pope Francis, the refugee crisis is one of the greatest challenges of our time, warning that “World War III” has already begun, with an avalanche of conflicts across the globe.

“It’s time to work together to stop ecological catastrophe before it’s too late.”

The 86-year-old pope made the declaration during a video conference with former US President Bill Clinton at the beginning of this year’s Clinton Global Initiative.

He added that this is why the Church is writing a new papal document as a follow-up to the historic 2015 encyclical in which it took a stand on environmentalism.

The Pope’s comments come as climate watchers predict that 2023 will be the hottest year in human history, with a summer marked by heat waves, droughts and wildfires.

The pope has made the climate crisis a key pillar of his decade-long leadership, but it’s unclear how much influence it has had on the church’s politically conservative followers.

Regarding immigration, he said it is important to remember that “we are not talking about numbers, we are talking about people – men, women and children.”

“When we talk about migration, let us remember the eyes of children in refugee camps.”

On world conflicts, the Pope said World War III was “partially fought,” adding: “It’s time to return to dialogue and diplomacy. Let’s put an end to plans for conquest and military aggression.” .

He also cited the efforts of Italy’s Bambino Gesu Children’s Hospital, which has treated more than 2,000 Ukrainian patients who fled the country without their parents or relatives, and said the hospital could become a global model. He added that there is.

World leaders will gather for a climate ambition summit on Wednesday, with G20 countries expected to accelerate action under pressure from UN Secretary-General António Guterres in hopes of preserving the Paris Agreement.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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