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U.S. asked for help finding F-35 fighter jet that may be flying without a pilot



US authorities have been forced to ask for the public’s help in searching for a missing F-35 fighter jet whose pilot ejected in an “accident.” It’s possible the plane crashed, but it’s also possible it’s still flying thanks to its “autopilot” mode.

This unusual call was reported by North American media as follows: NBC Newsfrom Joint Base Charleston Air Force in North Charleston, South Carolina, in cooperation with Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort. “Finding an F-35 involved in an accident” Sunday afternoon.

The US Air Force base indicated through social networks that the fighter jet: F-35B Lightning II Belongs to Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron (VMFAT).

“The pilot ejected safely and was transported to a local medical center in stable condition. “Emergency response teams are still trying to locate the F-35.” they specified.
“If you have information that can assist recovery teams, please call the 2nd Marine Wing Public Affairs Office at 252-466-3827,” they added.

Jeremy Huggins A spokesperson for Joint Base Charleston told the media that the fighter jet was in autopilot mode when the pilots evacuated. Fighter planes may still be in the air.

The military is focusing on areas north of the air base, particularly around Lake Moultrie and Lake Marion. This is based on the plane’s last known position.

After being asked about the possibility that the plane crashed, Huggins said an update would be provided soon, but said he could not provide further details.

The circumstances that led to the pilot’s ejection are unknown at this time.

Source: Biobiochile

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