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Blockade by rival drug traffickers causes shortages in Mexico’s Chiapas state



A roadblock set up on the Pan American Highway by competing drug lords at least 10 days ago has caused shortages of gasoline, food and other products in the mountainous region of Chiapas.

Neighbors say the price of beans has soared to 130 pesos (more than 7 euros) per kilogram in areas such as the Comalapa border, according to Mexican newspaper La Jornada.

Tortilla closed because it didn’t have the products needed to make tortillas, one of the area’s main foods.

“There is a shortage of gasoline in Frontera Comalapa and Chicom Cerro, making it increasingly difficult to travel by car every day,” one citizen said in a statement on condition of anonymity. “This situation is causing a lot of despair among the people as the fuel pipes are not accessible due to the blockage,” he added.

In Chicomcero, public transport was suspended as the El Mais group, linked to the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG), was pressuring truck drivers to join their ranks.

In Chicom Cerro, “there is only one gas station, while in Frontera Comalapa there are four, but there is no more fuel. The blockade has affected a large part of the population,” the source explained.

The situation in Frontera Comalapa is “critical.” “Some vegetables come from Guatemala, but there are very few groceries in the stores,” he says.

“The most worrying thing is that the government does nothing. The soldiers and National Guard just spend their time roaming around town as if nothing happened, walking in Comalapa Park and on the highway from Chicomucero to Paso Hondo. However, they lamented that they were blocked and “can’t go anywhere.”

The road closures began on September 7, the day members of Jalisco’s Nueva Generación cartel kidnapped and murdered Berni Flor Mejía Velazquez, a Chiapas high school teacher and wife of a transportation instructor. Mejia was kidnapped by six subjects while he was in school. His body was discovered on September 12th.

Meanwhile, the Sinaloa cartel maintains blockades on the Pan American Highway near the Chamic community and the highway above the mountains high above the capital of Motzintla, effectively cutting off Frontera Comalapa. Also affected are the cities of Masapa de Madero and Amatenango de la Frontera.

“The fence was allegedly erected to demand the release of the teacher, but now that she appears dead, its purpose is no longer known. “They say this is to prevent this. In Chamik, they say it will be extended by one month,” they claimed.

The search continues for Manuel de Jesús Flores Zuniga, 25, and Jostin Rudivey Vázquez Morales, 19, who went missing last Tuesday on their way from Frontera Comalapa to Motozintla. It became.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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