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At least 24 people killed as bus plunges into the abyss in southern Peru



The accident occurred in the early hours of Monday morning, when the bus fell into an abyss more than 200 meters deep, the reason for which has not yet been determined.

at least 24 people killed, 21 injured after falling A passenger bus that crosses the abyss, In a remote area of ​​the southern Andes, Huancavelica Official sources in Peru reported this early Monday morning.

The accident occurred in the early hours of Monday morning this week, when the bus that was traveling was Huancayo City and Huanta City; For reasons yet to be determined, it fell into an abyss more than 200 meters deep near an area known as Huaccoto in Chulcampa department, more than 650 kilometers from Lima.

representative of Molina Union, Inc. Confirmed with car owner Channel N With a large number of victims in the accident, the company said it had “taken responsibility from the first moment.”

“At this time, we know the death toll is 24,” said a spokeswoman who identified herself as Angie Cabrera.

The Andina state agency added that firefighters from Chulkampa province and the city of Huanta in the Ayacucho region arrived at the scene of the accident, as well as national police personnel from both regions.

Medical workers from the Chulcampa Health Network were also dispatched to take part in the initial care of the injured, who were transferred to health centers in neighboring regions in Huancavelica and Ayacucho states.

Local media reported that 12 of the injured were treated and released, while the rest were to be taken to Wanta Hospital, where at least one arrived in critical condition.

he Manuel Zevallos, Mayor of Anco, said: He told RPP radio station that he arrived early in the morning at the scene of the accident at km 358 on the Huancayo-Ayacucho road network, which he said had been affected by an avalanche almost a month ago and that contact was not possible. It is said that it was not done. Maintenance work.

“The Ministry of Transport did not take it into account at all (…) and in effect, as a result, we had an accident. “Our health center has collapsed,” he declared.

Accidents of this magnitude occur frequently on Peruvian roads, and are mostly caused by driver recklessness, poor road and vehicle conditions, and rugged geography.

According to statistics from the National Traffic Safety Council, approximately 3,000 people die in traffic accidents in Peru each year, most of them due to accidents, and approximately 55,000 people are injured.

Source: Biobiochile

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