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Taiwan condemns China’s ‘military harassment’ after invasion by more than 100 Chinese military planes



A statement on the ministry’s website said Taiwan’s military remains “vigilant and prepared for any eventuality.”

he Taiwan Ministry of Defense Today, he denounced “military harassment.” China In the Taiwan Strait after the attack china military aircraft It was recorded near the island in the past few hours.

Taiwan’s military continues to adhere to the principle of “being alert and prepared for all contingencies,” according to a statement posted by the ministry on its website. “Prepare without seeking war; respond without avoiding war.”

The ministry stressed that peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait is a “shared responsibility of all concerned”, Harassment by the Chinese military could cause “heightened tensions” and “deterioration of regional security.”

He therefore called on China to “accept its responsibility” and “immediately cease this kind of unilateral and destructive behavior.”

Taiwan reported a record number of incursions by Chinese planes and warships from the Asian giant on Monday, with a total of 103 People’s Liberation Army (PLA) aircraft and nine ships intruding near the island. It was announced that.

A total of 40 of them crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait. This is an unofficial border that Taipei and China have tolerated for decades, but Chinese fighters have become accustomed to crossing it over the course of a year of invasions, and it has become routine. Ta. The past few months.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning told a press conference today that such a median line “does not exist” and clarified that Taiwan is “part of China’s territory.”

The invasion is in addition to those carried out last week, when the Ministry of War reported that about 200 aircraft and 50 warships were flying in from the other side of the Strait on different days, and in recent days China It was a sign that tensions were rising as the plane passed by. The aircraft carrier passed through waters east of Shandong Province.

In August last year, the Chinese military conducted military exercises from the sea and air around Taiwan to “search” for Taiwan’s Vice President William Lai, a presidential candidate in the next election, in response to his stay in the United States. he accused. America supports Taiwanese independence.

Taiwan has been autonomous since 1949, where Chinese Nationalist forces retreated after being defeated by communist forces in the civil war, but China claims sovereignty over the island and considers it a rebellious province. “Unification” does not exclude the possibility of use. of power.

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