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First ship carrying Ukrainian grain sails to Odessa after breaking Russian naval blockade



Since Russia abandoned the grain deal, it has threatened to treat any ship that enters the Black Sea as a legitimate military target.

boat a resilient africa This Tuesday, the ship set sail from the port of Chornomorsk in the Odessa region of Ukraine, carrying 3,000 tons of wheat. First civilian ship to defy military blockade declared by Russia In the Black Sea on July 20th.

“The Resilient Africa ship carrying 3,000 tons of wheat has left the port of Chornomorsk and is heading to the Bosphorus,” the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine announced. Alexander Kublakov .

Another merchant ship Arroyat , at the port of Chorno Mosque, loaded with wheat bound for Egypt. The cargo ships Resilient Africa and Arroyat, flying the flag of the Republic of Palau Islands in Oceania, entered the Black Sea together through the Bosphorus Strait last week. Loading approximately 20,000 tons of grain Export to Africa and Asia.

Kublakov explained that the two cargo ships were “the first civilian ships to reach Ukrainian ports using the temporal corridor.” The infrastructure minister said the corridor was “established by the navy” of his country.

Russian naval blockade

In mid-July, Russia ended a one-year agreement with Turkey and the United Nations to allow ships to export grain from three Ukrainian ports in the Odessa region. A few days after announcing its withdrawal from the agreement, the Russian Federation announced: would consider legitimate military purposes a vessel suspected of transporting war materials that entered the Black Sea and headed for a Ukrainian port.

Ukraine responded with a reciprocal statement and stepped up attacks on Russian warships in the Black Sea. Ukrainian drones and missiles have damaged several Russian ships in recent weeks, raising questions about Russia’s control of the Black Sea.

Reinstating commercial ships dedicated to agricultural exports from Ukrainian ports without Russia’s consent would pose a new challenge to Russia’s maritime hegemony.

Source: Biobiochile

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