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President Joe Biden declared Russia an obstacle to peace in his speech at the United Nations



Biden told the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday that the United States is asking for it. "manage responsibly" It is at odds with China to avoid the possibility of war.

Biden told the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday that the United States is trying to “responsibly manage” the conflict with China to avoid the possibility of war.

In his speech to the United Nations General Assembly, US President Joe Biden expressed his determination to continue leading the global consensus at a moment that, in his view, marked a “turning point in history,” according to the paper. Voice of America Publishing.

“The eyes of the world are on us, and as President of the United States, I want our country to lead the way at this critical juncture, working with countries from every region to unite us in a common cause.” I understand the responsibility I have.”

joe biden
During a speech at the 78th United Nations General Assembly.

In that sense, he called for a “shared vision for a future where no child goes hungry, where everyone has access to quality health, where workers feel empowered, and where the environment is He pointed out the importance of building alliances with countries that share the same Protected. ”

Furthermore, the US chief of administration pointed out that his aim was to “ensure that conflicts are resolved peacefully” and that “nations are able to chart their own destinies” without altering world peace.

The president also defended the work the White House has been doing with allies “to end activities that threaten global peace and security.”

“Sovereignty, territorial integrity and human rights are principles of the United Nations Charter and are the basis of peaceful relations between States,” he said, adding, “Without these, we cannot achieve any of our objectives.” I warned you.

In his speech, he referred to Russia’s conflict in Ukraine as “an illegal war of conquest waged at Russia’s provocation.”

“The only obstacle to peace is Russia, because the price is the surrender of Ukraine, and that is the price Russia will impose,” he lamented. He believes that President Vladimir Putin “thinks the world is fed up and is going to allow Ukraine to be attacked with no consequences,” but the US and other allies made it clear that Ukraine must continue to be protected. “In the face of this attack.”

“America seeks a safer, more prosperous, and fairer world for all people, because we know that our future is connected to your future,” he said. No country can solve today’s challenges alone.”

But he believes “more leadership and capacity” is needed to meet future challenges, “especially in regions that have not always been fully included.”

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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