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The reason for the mysterious replacement of the Chinese foreign minister is said to be an extramarital affair



The Chinese defense minister also disappeared from public view

Former Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang, who was ousted after only a few months in office, had an extramarital affair while he was ambassador to the United States, according to the WSJ, which Beijing said could threaten China’s national security.

Rank it is was appointed as the Chinese foreign minister at the end of December last year, and then Mr it is replaced by a veteran of Chinese diplomacy in July and former foreign minister Wang Ji. Before the sudden change, Chin was not seen in public for a month it is sparked much speculation about his fate, especially since he is said to be a close ally of the president Sew Jinping.

Before being appointed Foreign Minister it is Chin has been China’s ambassador to Washington since 2021, an internal investigation by the Chinese Communist Party has revealed. it is according to the Wall Street Journal, which cited two unnamed people source, a child born in the United States. As the American newspaper also writes, Chin is participating in the investigation launched by the authorities in Beijing and which focuses on potential damage to China’s national security.

The rank was succeeded by his predecessor Vang.  Photo: EPA

At the regular press conference of the Chinese Foreign Ministry on Tuesday, a spokeswoman Mao Ning she declined to elaborate on the question about the WSJ’s reporting, but it is she only said yes it is the Chinese Foreign Ministry has already released information about the appointment and the dismissal of the foreign minister, while it is for the information from the American newspaper, she said that she did not know it.

Beijing otherwise he never gave an official explanation for the change at the head of Chinese diplomacy, nor did he announce that it is Rank under investigation. According to data on the website of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs it is Rank married and has one child in marriage.

The defense minister has not been seen since August

Chin, however, is not the only high-ranking representative of the Chinese authorities who it is recently suddenly disappeared from the public eye, since Defense Minister Li has not been seen since August Shangfuwhich it is took up the position only in March of this year. Reuters it is reported last week that it is Li, along with eight other high-ranking officials, are under investigation for alleged corruption in the procurement of military equipment during 2017 and 2022, when it is was head of the equipment department at Central military commission.

Li was on the US sanctions list.  Photo: Reuters

Regarding the fate of Li, Beijing did not want to explain the details and Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao it is rejected the question in connection with him, because this according to her, it is not a diplomatic issue. As reported by the Guardian, it is several scheduled meetings between Li were cancelled and representatives of foreign defense forces.

All eyes will now be on the security forum, according to the Guardian Shanghaiwhich will take place next month and at which usually the Chinese defense minister addresses the participants. If Li does not attend the meeting, then Beijing will likely be forced to announce a new defense minister.

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