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Petro has an unpleasant moment before his speech at the United Nations: they didn’t want to listen to him



Petro appeared after US President Joe Biden’s speech. After a five-minute break, he took to the podium, but most of the other delegates and leaders in attendance were speaking and had left their seats.

Colombian President Gustavo Petro questioned the “differences between Ukraine and Palestine” at the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, calling for the UN to hold two peace conferences as a model to end “these and other wars.” proposed to do so.

But the most memorable moment of his speech was recorded before his intervention, when he had to call attendees to prepare to hear him speak. A moment that spread widely on social networks.

Petro appeared after US President Joe Biden’s speech. After a five-minute break, he took to the podium, but most of the other delegates and leaders in attendance were speaking and had left their seats.

The situation forced General Assembly President Dennis Francis to directly request that the conference be resumed. However, his opinion was not heard and he was even forced to givel in order to resume operations at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

After repeatedly warning Francisco, Petro was able to intervene.

Petro asks about the difference between Ukraine and Palestine

After getting down to business on the issue, he delivered the following message: “I propose that we end the war in order to have time to save ourselves. I propose that the United Nations sponsor two peace conferences as soon as possible, one on Ukraine and one on One is about Ukraine, and one is about Palestine,” Petro said in his speech.

According to the president, by doing this, “they will teach us how to make peace in every region of the earth, because both, and only both, can end hypocrisy as a political practice.” Because we can, because we can be honest.”

“We have dedicated ourselves to war, we have been called to war, and Latin America has been called to deliver war machines and send people to the battlefield. “We forgot that our country was invaded several times by people,” he said, criticizing the Colombian head of state.

Along these lines, he added, “They forget that the same reasons expressed to protect (Ukrainian President Volodymyr) Zelenskiy are the same reasons to protect Palestine.”

“To save lives from the climate crisis, the root of all crises, I propose an end to war,” Petro continued, adding that the Sustainable Development Goals set for 2030 are “unachievable.” said.

“They sowed the seeds of injustice, gentlemen, and the worst thing they could do was declare war on humanity. That is why the balance of social justice in the world is so unbalanced today,” the president said. , further added: Two simple things are enough to restore this beautiful country and make up for lost time: end the war and reform the global financial system. ”

crisis of life

Petro said that in the year since his last speech at the United Nations, “we have only seen the deepening of what the wealthy people in Davos called the polycrisis. The wars continue, the famine continues. , the recession is widening and the climate crisis is showing its fangs.” Tens of thousands of people have died like never before, and the land and oceans have warmed like never before. All these crises are actually one, a life crisis. ”

The crisis is “expressed in frightening indicators” and “began as a silent procession of people of different colors from afar (…) along paths, across oceans and through jungles”, this The phenomenon became an “exodus of humanity.” humanity,” he said of the immigration crisis.

“Science tells us that in 2070, 3 billion people will be forced to leave their beloved homes because they will become uninhabitable. will remain, and people will no longer be drawn to the sequins of wealth, but to the north, drawn to something simpler and more vital: water, ”the president warned.

For him, “the exodus of people to the north is an accurate measure of the extent of government failure.”

In addition to this, countries are “turning to drugs of death” such as fentanyl, and “100,000 young people die every year instead of 4,000,” the president continued.

Mr. Petro concluded his second speech at the United Nations General Assembly by proposing that “the great crisis of life can be resolved through democracy at a global level, through deep democracy.” To that end, the people must be liberated in order to save lives (…) Let us make the word of change resonate, because it is essential to save lives. ”

“The problem is that this was not a socialist or progressive problem, but rather a problem that was taking time away from life on Earth,” Petro warned in his final message, adding that “the world I guess that’s what I thought,” he said regretfully. Leadership was, “If you live, you will make enemies.”

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