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Pope calls for disarmament of nuclear weapons and other weapons technologies



Pope Francis waves from the window of the Apostolic Palace during the weekly Angelus prayer at the Vatican on September 17, 2023/AFP

Pope Francis waves from the window of the Apostolic Palace during the weekly Angelus prayer at the Vatican on September 17, 2023/AFP

Pope Francis called on countries to consider the need to promote disarmament and “lasting peace” in the face of the “grave risks” associated with the “continued possession of nuclear weapons” and the development of other weapons technologies.

“A world free of nuclear weapons is possible and necessary,” he said in a message to Cardinal Peter Tuckson, president of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, and to participants in an international conference commemorating the 60th anniversary of the United Nations encyclical. emphasized. St. John XXIII’s tellis, War and Other Obstacles to Peace, will be celebrated this Tuesday and Wednesday, September 19th and 20th, in the Vatican’s Casina Pius IV.

Recalling Pope John XXIII’s prophetic warning in his encyclical about the “terrible destructive power of modern weapons,” the Pope said that the possession of nuclear weapons and the “use of nuclear energy for purposes of war” are “immoral.” ”. In this sense, he advocated relations between states regulated “not by force, but by the principle of just reason.”

According to Vatican News, Francis said the current situation “bears alarming similarities” to the period just before the “Pasem of Teri” and to the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962, which brought the world “to the brink of widespread nuclear destruction.” “There is,” he warned. ”

In this sense, he pointed out that nuclear weapons, like other weapons, have increased in recent years, which is why the efforts of the United Nations and other organizations to “raise public opinion and promote normative measures” are “important.” Ta. appropriate. “

The Pope also noted that “concerns about the moral consequences of nuclear war must not overshadow the pressing problems posed by the use of ‘conventional weapons’ in various conflicts.” He therefore appealed not to use these weapons against civilian targets.

“It is very timely for this conference to dedicate reflections on the part of Telis Pacem that deals with disarmament and the path to lasting peace,” he added, reminding conference participants “of current military and peace technologies. ” was urged to analyze. ”.

“This includes disciplined and ethical consideration of the grave risks associated with the continued possession of nuclear weapons, the urgent need for new advances in disarmament, and the development of peacebuilding efforts.” the Pope insisted.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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