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Mexican company suspends train service for migrants heading to US



The operator of Mexico’s largest rail network has suspended the operation of 60 freight trains due to the flow of thousands of migrants using these vehicles to reach the U.S. border, the company said. It was announced this Tuesday.

The company said in a statement that about 4,300 people remain at locomotive and Ferromex operating yards in cities including Torreon, Irapuato, San Francisco de los Lomo and Chihuahua, with fatal accidents added in recent days. Announced.

For years, thousands of immigrants of various nationalities have taken advantage of Mexico’s freight train network (one of which is known as the “Beast Train” or “Death Train”) to cross the country toward the northern border. , where they have applied for asylum and entered the country illegally.

Many people die or get dismembered by accidentally falling off the roof.

“Given the significant increase in the number of migrants concentrated in different regions of the country and the serious risks that using freight trains for transportation threatens the integrity of migrants, Ferromex has so far launched 60 The train has been temporarily detained,” the report said.

The company did not provide details on what percentage of its operations would be affected by the interim measures, but claimed that its 60 trains had a carrying capacity equivalent to 1,800 trucks.

According to the company’s website, the network operated by Feromex covers a 10,000-kilometre orbit of Mexico’s main industrial and consumer regions, with international connections to “eight ports and six international borders.”

He also said he was waiting for action from the authorities to resolve the situation, warning that the suspension of activities he had already notified customers would affect “production chains, supplies and international trade.”

The flow of migrants into the United States continues unabated, despite increased measures by the Washington government to contain and regularize migrants.

People who have crossed the border illegally since last May risk deportation, deportation or a five-year ban on re-entering the United States, in addition to facing criminal charges for repeat offenses.

These measures are part of so-called Title 8, which has been in place for several years, and Title 42, the rules adopted by his predecessor Donald Trump to prevent the spread of COVID-19, which Joe Biden’s administration has adopted to prevent the spread of COVID-19. became relevant after the abolition of the United Nations, but actually served to expel nearly all immigrants who arrived without documentation.

On Monday, thousands of mostly Haitian migrants tried to force their way into an immigration office in Tapachula (in the south) to demand transit permits, injuring several people.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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