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Cecilia Borocco gestured to her followers with the specific comment, “For my precious Gorditas.”



The former beauty queen has apologized to those who may have been offended by a statement she made a few weeks ago.

Cecilia Borocco He went big live through his Instagram channel yesterday, two weeks later speaking to followers after the controversy he experienced for his statements about clothing and food sizes. made a particular gesture.

During the broadcast, Bolocco showcased some clothing in XL sizes. This is meant to bring his clothing line closer to more people and give away some.

“Today I’ll give you an oversized Italian dress, so don’t challenge me anymore. i’m going to show them to you I used to have them in my size, but now I’ve ordered the extra large, and they come in three colors.

“The cut that doesn’t look like a koi is nice, and it looks cute and stylish. There are scratches on the side (…) For all the precious Gordita of my heart, may they never again say nonsense that I do not love them.” Added.

It should be noted that at the time Borocco said that he needed to change his lifestyle due to the poor results he was getting in his medical examinations.

“This (clothes) is size S. I was 38 and 36 and I ate a lot of chocolate. In parentheses is the reason I stopped going vegan. expressed at the time.

“All my exams went wrong and now I get bruises to the touch. Just to see if I have a lot of energy,” he added.

Source: Biobiochile

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