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Pedro Pascal explains why he speaks out in politics: ‘It’s part of my experience’



The actor is the son of two political exiles after the 1973 coup.

peter pascal He has never hidden his political views and in fact openly supported the endorsement campaign and Gabriel Boric’s presidential campaign.

In the middle of promoting the new season mandalorian the Chilean actor was again consulted about his political stance.

in an interview with a journalist Jorge Ramos the actor tried to explain why he spoke out on these issues.

“Your family, your parents, were involved in the resistance to Pinochet. You were also involved in the campaign for Gabriel Boric to become president. Do you think it’s part of your responsibility to speak up for a particular purpose, such as an ideology?” Al Punt asked the show’s host.

“Yeah. With my family influence… when something is in your blood, your experience, and your heart, it’s (part of) my character,” the interpreter said in complex Spanish. started.

“It’s something I feel in my own heart, but it also reflects the needs of people very close to me, and my heart is where their heart is,” he added. .

“It’s part of my experience, it’s the way I was raised, it’s the way the blood runs in my heart. I want better Spanish so I can talk about these things I could have explained myself better if I wasn’t nervous, but that’s the reality.”

stranger at home

Remember, Pedro Pascal’s parents had to go into exile when he was nine months old after a coup.

Because of this, they took refuge in Venezuela and later Denmark, from where they immigrated to the United States.

“I don’t remember anything about Denmark, but I remember a lot about San Antonio, Texas and life in Southern California,” he commented on the same show.

Pascal also recalled that when he was four years old, he was sent to Chile to live with part of his family, and that his parents were on the acquittal list when he was eight.

“All my life I have been part of a Chilean family,” he recalls.

Likewise, because of the different places he’s lived in the United States, most of which have a strong Latino presence, he tends to identify himself as a “foreigner at home everywhere” .

Source: Biobiochile

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