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Who is Tierra Brava’s newly recognized “El Futuro Fuera de Orvita”?: “I’m just a Chilean”



The world of urban music comes to “Tierra Brava” with Dominican singer El Futuro Fuera de Orbita.

better known as Uriel Romero Rojas Suborbital future Here are the newly confirmed participants of the new reality show channel 13: Braveland .

I came to offer my flow, sandungeo, wisdom ” is an artist who stands out with his urban styles such as denbou and trap. “I know people love me, that’s why I came to win. “I also have a lot of discipline and a lot of confidence in myself,” the singer said. Told.

This musician achieved success with several singles. Jujujuju, Flight, My Blood, Ryu ga Gotokuand many more.

Avatal, as he is also known, collaborates with Chilean artists on various occasions. Pablo Chilly, Kid Tetoon, Gary Gary, Harry Knack .

After performing on big stages such as Movistar Arena and Caupolikan Theater the 27-year-old will be making her debut on TV for the first time and showing off all her style.

Having done so much work in Chile, he feels fully Chilean at the moment. “After the pandemic, I found myself stopping here more than anywhere else. I’m another Chilean here who knows Chile from end to end, from Arica to Puerto Natales. That’s a dream for me because I love Chilean people and I feel that atmosphere every time I go on stage,” he says, adding: He became the first Dominican to sing at Lollapalooza Chile. In 2022.

How did the suborbital future come to our country?

Uriel Romero moved to New York when he was 10 years old because his family was looking for better opportunities. As the artist remembers, as a child he often went to the Bronx with his friends, where he saw many of them become gang members, but he did not share that path. It was.

After starting out musically in New York, he discovered that Chile it was one of the countries where they heard it most . So he decided to come and try his luck, but he soon found out he was here to stay.

“I want to make friends in real life. I’m very friendly and have a good personality. I’m not a very angry person, but I get irritated when things are messy or dirty. I’m interested in this reality show. Because it’s competitive and not boring. I think of this as a game, it’s like playing a playstation ” declared the musician participating on the screen. channel 13.

Source: Biobiochile

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