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Fans celebrate Cristiano Ronaldo’s defeat in Saudi Arabia with Messi banner



Cristiano Ronaldo and Al Nasr lose lead in Saudi League / AFP

Cristiano Ronaldo and Al Nasr lose lead in Saudi League / AFP

Cristiano Ronaldo’s journey in Arabia has had its ups and downs. The Portuguese forward has already scored eight goals to face, but this weekend he suffered the first major setback of his stay after his 1-0 defeat to Ittihad. was hit. They were also relegated to second place in the Arabian Professional League alongside Arnasr.

Despite the results and everything that came with it, the focus was more than just one aspect. Accompanying former Real Madrid for a long time.

as a way to distractrival fans shouted in support of Lionel Messi, But for the first time, Cristiano got angry and lost his mind. This fever for the Portuguese was not normal for him, which added to the commotion that arose.

Unfortunately, Ronaldo’s teasing doesn’t stop there.After the win, Al Ittihad fans continued their enthusiasm for Leo, singing for the Argentinian inside the stadium In the stands were banners of the 10-man assembly in Arab team shirts and even Argentinian shirts. These videos went viral on the network, and all seem to indicate that Cristiano has not reconciled with the Argentine captain.

They have always demonstrated and made it clear that there is no bad vibes between them and their competitors, but logically, it is done through sports, their followers going against them and Manchester United seem to have reached their peak.

At the same time, reality shows that fanaticism towards Messi is ubiquitous. This affection from fans is genuine and used to annoy Cristiano.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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