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Why are Medel, Sánchez and Vidal not in Mineduc’s book?: Editorial and Felicevich clarify controversy



Fernando Felicevic, editor and agent of Mineduk’s book Heroes and Legends of Chilean Sports, has revealed the controversial absences of Medel, Sanchez and Vidal.

controversy over absence Gary Medel, Alexis Sanchez, Arturo Vidal Ministry of Education book “Heroes and Legends of Chilean Sports” Without stopping, this time it was a version from the editorial department in charge of the text.

and by decision of their common representative, Fernando Felicevic “They did not accept to display the illustration”.

However, the story behind the text, written by Marcelo Simonetti and illustrated by Fabian Rivas, dates back to 2017.

According to the third Ediciones SM contacted Enrique Gonzalez that year then Felicevich’s other company, Vibra Marketing.

On May 8th of that year, Gonzales Serge Tannes SM’s director of general publications, will post an illustration or two of the players mentioned.

“The explanation was that they were handling other offers for editorial and graphic projects related to the Chilean team, and those offers would be privileged.

Nevertheless, At the time, “Heroes and Legends of Chilean Sports” was not Mineduc’s book. but commercial text.

Due to the high evaluation of the contents of the work, Ministry of education determined to obtain about 100,000 copies for distribution to our schoolchildren, requested to include the state’s logo on the cover.

From Vibra Marketing, they have clarified to the aforementioned media outlets that, unlike the commercial book, this new edition does not require their or the player’s permission.

“They asked the players for written approval, but it is true that we never sent the players. But the fact is, they didn’t need it. They knew it.

“Nobody talked to me and the players didn’t refuse anything.” secured three selected agents from La Roja.

Sergio Tannus said, “That’s not our lie. Mineduk has nothing to do with this, nor has the player refused to the Ministry of Education. Yes, as originally projected, in a commercial book refused to appear.

Source: Biobiochile

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