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Guarello criticizes Felicevic’s chatter and relationship with La Serena: ‘Contador, you’re a white stick’



After BioBioChile’s investigation, the communicator returned to press charges against the representative.

The bomb exploded on Tuesday of this week sport la serena Chilean football following report by Bio-Bio Chile research unit revealing controls by representatives Fernando Felicevic At the Garnet facility.

Through leaked WhatsApp messages, we can understand that the famous footballer’s agent has played a key role in the club’s decision-making before the “Papaello” president. christian accountant .

Over 1,300 pages of conversation-focused research. Martin Ossandon Former General Manager of DLS, Daniel Behar Felicevic’s right-hand man and agent himself came to light after Ossandon filed a lawsuit against the club claiming that his employment relationship was with ‘FF’ and not with Contador.

From how to write and publish official statements (e.g. after the departure of Humberto Suaso), to directly intervening in the details of contracts, transfers and contracts of footballers entering and leaving La Serena, these are things that the agent has done. It was a decision. It further not only gave orders, but also gave him the right to rebuke himself For those involved in the story, like a boss.

Those who have always questioned the legality of Felicevic’s actions in Chilean football, Juan Cristobal Guarello again did not diminish from attacking Arturo Vidal’s right arm.

journalist from sports in agriculture He went back to press charges against the player’s agent, corroborating the BioBioChile report.

“You have to remember that when (Ivo) Vasai signs for La Serena, he signs in the offices of Felicevic’s company, Vibra… It’s clear, he’s doing it in a very bad way sometimes. It means that he took control of La Serena.He got angry and threw a tantrum on WhatsApp.” Guarello said.

The communicator defended Garnett’s former coach. Miguel Ponce was involved in the eye of the hurricane and was even accused of being a “whistleblower”.

“Then they treat Ponce like a toad. That’s how the Chilean soccer mafia works.” emphasized.

Finally, Guarrero pulled the ears of the current La Serena manager, making fans wonder if Fernando Felicević is also leading the way for other national football teams.

“Contador has the stock, but you are the white bar. And here it is clear why you don’t make any decisions… They don’t ask you anything, this player or that player. I don’t even ask for your opinion on how to treat it.Yes, La Serena belongs to Felicevic, but how many other clubs can he do the same? was sentenced.

Source: Biobiochile

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