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Peruvian Congress votes to impeach President Castillo



The army and police warned Castillo against violating the constitution

In Peru, Congress voted to impeach President Pedro Castillo and called on Vice President Dina Boluarte to take over. Castillo announced the dissolution of Congress hours before the vote, leading to accusations of a coup d’état.

In the Peruvian Congress, 101 deputies supported Castillo’s impeachment, six voted against, and ten abstained. Castillo left the presidential palace with his family after the vote.

A few hours before the vote, the president elected last year announced the dissolution of Congress, announced the establishment of an “emergency government” and called for new elections.

Castillo: Congress has destroyed democracy

Opposition congressmen are celebrating the recall.  Photo: Reuters

In response to the clamor of citizens across the country, we have taken the decision to form an emergency government aimed at restoring the rule of law and democracy,53-year-old Castillo said in a televised address, adding that they will respect Peru’s economic regulation.

Congress has destroyed the rule of law, democracy and the balance between state powers,” Castillo said, calling on all civil society institutions and social groups to support his decision, reports the German news agency dpa.

He also announced new parliamentary elections, after which MPs will have nine months to draft a new constitution. “Until the new Congress begins, I will rule by decrees,” he announced. He also introduced a curfew from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. and ordered judicial reform.

Allegations of a coup d’état – even the army and police warned Castillo

His move and the resulting drop in the value of the currency was followed by the resignation of the prime minister and several ministers. “I strongly condemn this state coup,said the foreign minister Emperor of Landa and called the dissolution of Congress unconstitutional.

The army and the police also intervened, warning Castillo against violating the constitution. Prosecutor General Daniel Soria announced a criminal investigation against Castillo.

Pedro Castillo unexpectedly won the elections in Peru last year.  Photo: Reuters

President of the Constitutional Court Francisco Morales at the same time, he believed that his coup was doomed to failure, because Peru wants to live in a democracy.

Meanwhile, the United States rejects any unconstitutional actions by President Castillo to prevent Congress from fulfilling its duties, the American ambassador to Peru announced Lisa Kenna.

Castillo left the presidential palace

Local media reported that Castillo and his family left the presidential palace for the prefectural headquarters in Lima, where a special anti-corruption police team is now headed to arrest him, Italian news agency Ansa reported.

Anti-Castillo protests in November

Primary school teacher Pedro Castillo surprisingly won the presidential election in Peru last July. The government of the leftist president is accused by the opposition of corruption, in connection with which several investigations are underway. Mass protests have been taking place in the country since November, with protesters and the opposition demanding Castillo’s resignation.

Source: Rtvslo

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