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‘He didn’t see the Wall’: Israeli ambassador criticizes Roger Waters’ ‘Nazi’ performance in Berlin



The Israeli ambassador has criticized Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters’ Berlin performance of ‘The Wall’ and questioned his ‘moral standards’.

Ambassador to Israel Gil Alzieri criticized performance At his final concert in Berlin, he criticized Roger Waters and even questioned his “moral standards.”

It all happened during the Pink Floyd Band co-founder’s concert in Berlin, Germany.in the middle of him show, Waters played the lead role in several songs on the album The Wall (1979).

In fact, diplomats You mistook Waters’ clothes for SS clothes Nazi militia police.

So not only did Arzelli question Roger Waters’ “moral standards”, but he also called people attending his concert in Chile in November “anti-Semites, neo-Nazis, supporters of the Ukrainian invasion, Chavista, totalitarian.”

“His moral standards are questionable as he supports Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and defends the ‘democracy’ of Venezuela and other dictatorships,” the diplomat said. rice field.

“In November he’ll be playing two concerts in Chile. It’s a great relief for anti-Semites, neo-Nazis, pro-Ukrainian aggressionists, Chavistas and totalitarians of all kinds to go see him.” It’s an opportunity for

“I have never seen The Wall”

But the singer’s scenic proposition is nothing new, dating back to the presentation of her 1979 album The Wall. In fact, this is a satire on Nazism. .

The ridicule against Israeli ambassador Gil Alzieri was immediate.

“Fantastic. I’ve been a Pink Floyd fan since the 70’s and I know a lot about The Wall and their staging. I already have a VIP ticket to Chile and that very piece is against dictatorship and consumerism . As for Roger’s political opinions, I think it’s personal and for each individual to decide. Watching his show is simply to enjoy his great rock genius,” said one user.

Even Deputy Congressman Gonzalo Winter (CS) was ironic about the Israeli ambassador’s comments. “Everything indicates he hasn’t seen ‘The Wall,'” he said.

Still not He also criticized Arzelli’s role as a diplomat. . “Everything gives the impression that he doesn’t understand the role of an ambassador,” he said.

“Beyond the position one might have on what is happening in the Middle East, It is disrespectful to our country to send an ambassador who plays the role of agitator. ‘ criticized Winter.

Ambassador’s reaction to Roger Waters’ show

A few minutes later, the Israeli ambassador to Chile responded to criticism In response to his comment, he asserted that he knew the Pink Floyd album.

“Waters has been criticized by The Wall. I know ‘The Wall’, but dressing up as a Nazi is not a matter of clothing, it’s a matter of identity ‘ he affirmed.

“Whether part of the wall or not, the use of a pig with the Star of David on it is pure anti-Semitism,” he added.

At the same time, Alzieri noted that Waters, at the same concert in Berlin, “used the figure of Anne Frank to Promote hatred of Israel “And it’s not the first time he’s done it,” he said.

Source: Biobiochile

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