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Men’s indoor volleyball coach “The 2023 tournament will be the Olympics”



Gabriel Linares coach of the volleyball team

Gabriel Linares coach of the volleyball team

The Men’s Indoor Volleyball National Team is gearing up for the 2023 San Salvador Central American and Caribbean Games and hopes to qualify for the Pan American Games in Chile.

Gabriel Linares, who has been coaching the volleyball team since February last year, spoke with the medium about his team and its preparations nationally and internationally.

“Our preparations started in September of last year. One hour,” said Linares, who practices with the women’s team at Colegio San Francisco in San Salvador.

“We are preparing hard and will be training in Colombia from March 28th to April 6th. We also want to see if we can simulate the competition that we do.The level is so high that it will be a strong preparation, ”commented the strategist.

Linares also commented on the need to improve the technical aspects of volleyball in Colombia’s training base.

“I want them to see the power of the serve, because in South America we have good teams. In fact, Colombia and Chile already stand out and are already on par with world champions Argentina and Brazil. The area is very large and strong at the level of volleyball.”

He also added: It became clear that I could work here. ”

The indoor volleyball coach said he competed in the sport at the 2002 San Salvador Central American and Caribbean Games and knows the level of demand for the competition, which starts on June 23rd.

volleyball team training

volleyball team training

“We’re going to play against a team that has brought in live professional people from the sport. We have to put on a good show. Expectations are high, but we have to be realistic. Good. Watch the show and compete,” said Linares.

Linares spoke about the flaws volleyball brings to our country, where his team combines experience and youth.

“We don’t have a league that is very strong in competition, so we have to invent and play ourselves to find ways to improve the quality of the game.”

Regarding the transformation of the sports venue, which will take place at the Carlos “Famoso” Hernández Sports Palace, Linares commented that it will leave an important legacy for the sport.

“The legacy that is given to us as athletes, I hope we know how to appreciate it because of the efforts our country is making. Perhaps the logistics weren’t ideal, but we are already riding men. and we have a ride on it,” he told Linares.

“If it affects us, we are adapting, but let’s take a long-term view. Now athletes have better facilities and are more comfortable. , people who want to practice sports will have more places to take advantage of their free time,” he added.

Regarding the pressure of playing the Central American and Caribbean Games from home, Linares said: The pressure of staying at home, putting on a good show, and most of all, wanting results.”

Linares concluded by commenting on his rival to win this competition.

“Puerto Rico came from the World Cup and the Olympics, Mexico came from the World Cup and the Olympics, Cuba came looking for qualifiers, and I believe they were at the World Cup, but not the Dominican Republic.” Top 3 teams, but that’s within the classification.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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