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Everton surprise on transfer market: they make Sebastian ‘Sacha’ Saez official as new addition



Everton have begun planning for the season and have officially announced a new addition to Francisco Meneghini’s squad by announcing the signing of Sebastian ‘Sacha’ Sáez, who arrived from Unión La Carrera.

path market national championship It’s already in motion, the team is preparing the presentation The best deals on items they create, must be embedded for next season.

That’s why I put my elbows on the high part of the table in previous campaigns Everton de Vina del Marwas surprised today by the announcement of the team’s new scorer Francisco Meneghini.

On the official Twitter account, Roulette Cast presents Sebastian “Sasha” Saez as a new attacker for the next campaign.

In this way, the institution Viñamarina will confirm a second signing in 2023 after the first arrival of Adrian Sanchez.

The 37-year-old Gunner will have his fourth adventure in the Chilean championship. Italian Audax, catholic university world La Carrera Union.

remember that in the year 2022 was an important figure to the “cement producers” after they competed In the South American Cup, he recorded 4 goals and 2 assists.

Source: Biobiochile

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